Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At The Auction

Well, in spite of my pessimistic post about the British summer (which isn't exactly stunning, but not as bad as it could be) I have actually spent most of the last week driving the Lotus to work. This is an absolute pleasure, which makes it even more painful to see the poor girl listed on eBay.

I have really mixed feelings. In a funny sort of a way, even though I've been trying to sell her for ages, I don't really want to see her go. On the other hand, I know I won't find the time to use her and it will be the usual story come winter of sitting too long, seizing up and expensive repair bill in May.

I wonder if anyone will actually bid?? Last time I put a car on eBay I got nothing but a bunch of time-wasters. We shall see.

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Leslie said...

It must be breaking your heart having to sell her, but children seem to make things happen that would otherwise have seemed impossible.
I can only wish for you that you find a buyer, make a bundle and that your buyer shows up on the first of September so that you can enjoy the summer till the end.