Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lift Off

I have finally launched my latest effort, Classic Car Source. It's taken an age to get off the ground, but I'm sure you can appreciate how much work I've put in to it.

I actually need a favour from any readers who might like to get involved. I need any classic car enthusiasts who are willing/able to help populate my content library. I'm slowly trawling through it, but it's a lot of research and I will be months just entering the manufacturers and models myself. Sadly my budget is zero/zilch/zippo/nowt, as this is an entirely personal project, but if you do enjoy researching and writing about classics, I'd love to hear from you. Vintage bikers too!

If anyone's interested, you can register and then let me know you're there - then I can give you permission to work on the library.

I really think this could be the classic car resource to end all resources, if I can only get the public interested. I might look in to the possibility of attending some events this year and perhaps making up some business cards or something. Could be worth it.

Speaking of events, I'm just about to book my tickets for the Le Mans Classic this summer. Fantastic. I can't wait. Good company, fine wines, beautiful countryside and lots of really, really nice classic cars. If I still have it, the Lotus is definitely coming with me this time!

Ta da for now.