Wednesday, December 21, 2005

They Must Be Mad

The Prancing Mouse - tongue-in-cheek badging on the F500What happens when you take a standard Fiat 500, rip out everything, put the stripped bodyshell (with newly flared wheel arches, of course) back on a custom racing chassis and fit a super-light, 150bhp, Ducati 999R motorcycle engine in the boot? You have the F500, perhaps the most ridiculous supercar known to man.

It will do 0-60mph (0-100kph) in under 4 seconds. It is limited to 120mph (195kph). It has the most ludicrous power to weight ratio in the known universe and better performance than a Ferrari Enzo. Indeed its makers, racing engineers Hartham, refer to it as "truly a miniature Ferrari in every sense".

This sort of insanity and irresponsible engineering is very likely to get people killed. But they will die with the smile to end all smiles on their face if they do it at 120mph in an F500. Fantastic. If I had the spare cash, I'd order one today.

And you've got to love the badging.


pro4art said...

Hate seeing these type excursions into the outer relms of sanity. Makes me want to "do it"! Owned and bulit my own oval cars here in the USA,Ford Pinto 2.0, 200HP, Tube Frame, Quick Change gears rear axle,4 wheel Discs, 1705 pounds WITH driver, and I COULD do something nearly as crazy. If I see much more of this sort of cars, my resolve not to "do it", may collapse!

Greg Harvey said...

Ha ha! Doooo it!!!