Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Fiat 500 and Lotus Elan +2S together.Approximately a year after starting this blogspot space I've finally thought of something to do with it. The problem with blogging is you either have a focus for your literary efforts, such as they are, or you end up posting a bunch of mindless drivel about commuting and filling the space with "funny" emails people have sent you. This is what I've done with my MSN blog space (which now seems to have decended in to a virtual soap box where I rant about the various corporations and businesses who've pissed me off over the years, but that's by the by). But not this. This will be different. This will be focused. This is about a shared hobby I have with my girlfriend. One that we can ill afford but find ourselves tied to regardless of the consequences.

Classic motoring. The wind in your hair, the slight smell of fresh petrol, the squeaky brakes, the restriction to sunny days, the scarce parts, the large repair bills, we love it!

Between us we run two money pits. A 1974 Lotus Elan +2S 130/5 (mine, of course) and a 1971 Fiat 500 Berlina F. I've had the Lotus for two and a half years now and we bought the Fiat at Christmas in Milan, Italy. Both are a constant source of joy and pain, all of which I intend to document here. Hopefully it will be enjoyable and useful to other classic owners or would-be classic owners. Otherwise it only serves to give me something to do of an evening! Either way, what ho! Watch out blogging, here I come!

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